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Welcome to The Accountability Act, where we explore and challenge local and state government initiatives that affect you most.

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The Accountability Act was born from my pursuit of higher education and studies in Social Change at National University. What began simply as a report on the visibility of homelessness grew into a desire to investigate why the efforts and money that has been placed into the Los Angeles Homelessness Initiative have not worked. 

In the midst of putting the pieces together, it became apparent the true goal was accountability. Accountability in not just progression in the fight against homelessness but also actions that have been a hindrance. It inspired me to be the change I want to see and take on more social change issues such as criminal justice reform, police brutality, healthcare and education. This gave birth to The Accountability Act Podcast and YouTube Series. 

I hope The Accountability Act inspires you to be the change you wish to see in your respective communities. Charity starts at home. Challenge your local officials. Know their names. Most of all, hold them accountable. 

-Ray A. Ward Jr.


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